I’ve been a writer of fiction my whole life. I’m currently working on two novels and always working on short stories. Sometimes, poetry slips into my psyche, too. If interested in discussing, reading or publishing any of this work, please contact me at

Blockchain Equilibrium (a novel)

Status: Approximately 350 pages. 2nd draft is nearly complete.


Peter is a serial entrepreneur who is currently exploring new ideas as he navigates the space between his startup ventures. His wife’s death five years earlier and a possible new relationship create more uncertainty in his life than ever before. Along the way, as he searches for the next meaningful project, serendipity leads him to an underground organization of high-powered tech entrepreneurs and intellectuals who have implemented infrastructure to protect the world from the downside of human nature. Due to his background and credibility, Peter seems to be the right person to help solve a problem in their blockchain system. Their mission will take him on a dangerous adventure from Boston to Paris and Morocco. The outcome of the mission and Peter’s future prove to be precarious.

Life’s a Circus (a novella)

Status: Approximately 100-150 pages when done. Chapters 1-5 (out of ~10) are nearly complete.

A man of our time embarks on an air adventure that takes him to the Land of the Single Days, where people live each day for the day itself. Upon landing, he remembers it isn’t his first time in this land. Memories take him back to thoughts of family, relationships and the balance between life and death. Over the course of his journey, life’s truths are questioned and his understanding is deepened, while futility and surrealism lurk in the background.

  1. Airport Circus
  2. Airplane Circus
  3. The Landing and the Bus
  4. The Land of Single Days
  5. Tempting Fate
  6. Circus Bus
  7. Seven
  8. Eight
  9. Nine
  10. Ten