Eric Braun is an expert in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology. Over his 30-year career, he has built and led teams to create forward-thinking systems and applications that have gone on to win multiple awards and create new paradigms for how work can be done. During the past 20 years, he has co-founded 4 tech startups and a startup incubator, and he has advised hundreds of entrepreneurs and mentored many future technology and business leaders.

Eric is currently Sr. Director of Innovation at Retail Business Services, a subsidiary of Ahold Delhaize – one of the world’s largest retail food groups. Eric leads a team that catalyzes ideas, spreads a culture of Lean Startup thinking and behavior and drives technology and process innovation throughout the organization. His team has developed numerous partnerships with external organizations and academic institutions. Eric is a frequent speaker and workshop facilitator on topics of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, the Lean Startup, the Culture of Innovation, and new models of Experiential Education. Prior to RBS, Eric was Head of Innovation at Intralinks – a leading FinTech company supporting M&A deals and other secure financial transactions – where he led the development of a ground-up innovation program and the supporting corporate strategy.

In his startup roles, Eric has served as CTO, Chief Product Manager, CEO and Head of Professional Services. He has led his teams to develop innovative products in Healthcare, Financial Services, Software, Education and Community, including:

  • One of the first cost-justified, high volume document imaging systems for claims processing
  • The first high volume and adaptable web application for proxy voting
  • An award-winning and popular digital storytelling app for more engaged student learning and formative assessment and for teachers to create flipped classroom videos
  • Web survey app preceding Survey Monkey
  • E-commerce marketplace for buying-selling print services
  • Rating Management System for billion dollar healthcare org

As an avid supporter of the arts, he has volunteered as Board Member, Finance Committee Chair, fundraiser and theatre reviewer.

In 2010, Eric started South Shore Innovation, a 501(c)3, to develop and support an innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem between Quincy and Cape Cod. During this time, he co-founded and co-managed an incubator that supported over 100 entrepreneurs.

Eric-headshot-with-suit-square-greybg2As a founder and educator at his EdTech company, Eric has taught classes and workshops on topics in Entrepreneurship: Design Thinking, Customer Discovery, Value Propositions, Financial Projections. He has also taught hands-on learning topics to teachers at schools and conferences: PBL, Blended Learning, Digital Storytelling, Using an LMS in the Classroom, and many more.

As a mentor and advisor, Eric has coached over 100 entrepreneurs. In student startup competitions, he has coached 3 first place teams and 1 third place team in the Tufts 100K competition and 1 student team that went on to place 1st in the MIT Clean Energy Prize. As a team leader at 4 hackathon events, his teams have placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
Eric completed a BA in German/English and a partial Masters in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota. He has a certificate in French from the Sorbonne and has studied in Germany and Austria.

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