I’m a product leader, an entrepreneur and a corporate innovator with 30 years of awesome and humbling experience. I proactively build teams and create successful product and services businesses. I believe in using positivity, coaching and high EQ to inspire my teams. My environments are safe spaces to bring diverse viewpoints together and to accept failure as critical learning on the path to success. 

I actively follow startup and innovation thought leaders and contribute to best practices. I’ve coached, advised and taught hundreds of entrepreneurs and many future technology and business leaders. 

During my career, my teams and I have solved problems and navigated obstacles to find much success, which I attribute to my entrepreneurial behavior, life-long learning and humble confidence. My teams have created forward-thinking systems and award-winning apps. I’ve collaborated at a leadership and team level to grow our businesses 2-3x in 2-4 years. In my journeys, we’ve created new paradigms for work, resulting in better customer experiences and productivity. 

Successes include —

  • Led a 50-person Corporate Innovation team in exploration and experimentation for a portfolio representing $200M in value
  • Co-founded and led the growth of 4 tech startups and an incubator
  • Created a ground-up corporate innovation program that resulted in a new corporate vision and alignment to strategy
  • Led the development of an award-winning SW application that scaled to over 3 million users, following a Lean Startup approach
  • Incubated and advised hundreds of startup entrepreneurs, including 2 which grew to 8 figure ARR and on target to surpass $100M
  • Led the development of the leading web-based mutual fund proxy voting system through acquisition by a Fortune 250 financial company
  • Led the creation and implementation of one of the first large scale, multi-million dollar Document Imaging systems for healthcare

Can we explore some questions together?

  • What are the biggest pains you want to alleviate and gains you want to achieve?
  • Are you hiring the best talent as fast as you need? Are you keeping the team inspired?
  • Is your team able to improve productivity by defining best practices and playbooks as you grow? 
  • How might you create a more creative and open workplace?
  • Have you been successful with Lean Startup best practices following iterative Build-Measure-Learn cycles?
  • Is customer validation / customer development built into your process? Do your teams focus enough on the customer?

I completed a BA in German/English and a partial Masters in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota. I have a certificate in French from the Sorbonne and have studied in Germany and Austria.

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